In many women, there may be images that disturb the person or their partner in the genital area.

If your genital area is not repaired well after normal delivery, your vaginal entrance may expand or lose its symmetry.

Likewise, in women who have had multiple pregnancies, the bladder and bowel may protrude into the vagina and may cause cause urinary incontinence.

Another situation is the repair of the hymen.

As a result of our 14 years of experience, we can correct all these situations with short-term operations.

You can be at home the same day after the surgery and return to your normal life within 1 week. You will not encounter any long-term problems in your corrected genital area and you will have a more comfortable sexual life.

Regarding genital plastic surgery, Prof. Dr. You can make an appointment with Yavuz Şimşek at 0545 405 01 37 and 0318 233 03 03 for more detailed information and examination.