As the pregnancy nears its end, many pregnant women begin to worry.

  • How will I give birth?
  • Will my birth be normal?
  • How will I endure the labor pains?
  • Will anything happen to my baby at birth?
  • Will I have a doctor at my birth?

Etc. etc.

All these worries accumulate and come to such a point that many pregnant women give themselves to the erroneous idea that “it is best to have a cesarean section” and lie on the operating table unnecessarily.

Yes, the normal birth is the natural one, that is the vaginal one.

If you ask me if you have to suffer because of  giving birth naturally, my answer is, of course no.

You can have a vaginal delivery without pain with the help of a regional anesthesia. An epidural catheter, which is inserted by the anesthesiologist in the early stages of labor, prevents you from feeling pain and does not disrupt uterine contractions. Thus, you will experience a comfortable process without feeling any pain as the birth progresses.

By epidural anesthesia, you will not only painless during delivery , you will also not be disturbed while your episiotomy stitches are being repaired.

Since we, as your anesthesiologist and obstetrician, will be on your side until your delivery is completed, there is a chance to intervene immediately in case of a problem.

Please remember this information before turning to caesarean section with unfounded anxiety and fears.