5 questions about fertility vaccine

1- What is fertility vaccine?

One of the method we use in case of repeated IVF failure.

2- How to apply?

We may use the fertility vaccine (peripheral blood mononuclear cell culture) in women with repeated IVF failure or women with repeated biochemichal pregnancy. It is needed to give a 10 ml-blood sample for each cell culture and the spesific cells need to be prepared.

3- When to apply?

We inject it to uterine cavity 24-48 hour before the embryo transfer procedure.

4- Can fertility vaccine be used for all IVF patients?

Routine use of this method to all IVF patients does not increase pregnancy chance, rather increase the cost, therefore the answer is ‘no’.

5- Whom can achieve benefit from fertility vaccine?

Women those have pregnancy losses due to lack of endometrial receptivity or women with thin endometrium during the IVF treatment are potential candidates for benefit of the fertility vaccine.

Prof. Dr. Yavuz Şimşek