The medical name for the anteriorly located placenta at birth is placenta previa. In this case, normal delivery is usually not possible, a cesarean section is required.

During the cesarean section of these pregnant women, there is a much higher risk of bleeding than normal.

For this reason, we prefer our patients who will undergo cesarean section due to placenta previa to have normal preoperative blood values. If there is anemia, we give the appropriate amount of blood before the operation, bringing the values ​​closer to normal.

In addition, for the purpose of preparation for the risk of excessive bleeding during the surgery, considering the need for an average of 3 units of blood preparation, plasma preparation and fresh whole blood before the cesarean section, we organize the relatives of the patients with the appropriate blood group.

In addition, cesarean section of patients with placenta previa can sometimes cause bleeding that requires removal of the uterus. When it is necessary to remove the entire uterus during a cesarean section, it is life-saving to do so without hesitation.

We share all these risks with our patient, his wife and family before the operation. We plan what we will do while starting the surgery, and we are ready for surprise complications.

The most important factor in success is the experience of the obstetrician who performs the surgery. The second is the conditions of the abilities of the hospital.

In the hands of experienced physicians who have planned how to act in which situation, ready for surprises, such surgeries can be completed with the least damage.

In hospitals that also have blood centers, have sufficient intensive care facilities, and have strong anesthesia units, the risks of surgery can be minimized. In hospitals  where these facilities are not available, or if the experience of the physician is insufficient, the results will be extremely devastating.

I wish all mothers-to-be, along with their babies, good health.