Premature birth leads to serious risks for babies, sometimes losing the baby. Mothers with a history of preterm birth or late miscarriage are at increased risk of giving birth again when they become pregnant again.

We recommend a cerclage procedure to support the cervix between 12-14th weeks of pregnancy in order to reduce the risk of recurrent preterm labor. However, if you have bleeding, if the baby has severe structural problems seen with ultrasound, or if the uterus is infected we do not apply the cerclage procedure.

In mothers who have given premature birth before, If cerclage has not been performed in the previous weeks, and if we detect a short cervix in the later in pregnancy, we can also perform an emergency cerclage procedure. Cerclage can also be performed under emergency conditions until the 24th week.

It is not clear whether cerclage is beneficial in women who have had healthy pregnancies without a history of preterm delivery, and if there is a short cervix in a new pregnancy. The decision is up to your doctor.

Preventive cerclage seems to be useless for uneventful twins and triplets, so we don’t recommend it in these cases. In multiple pregnancies with a shortened cervix and premature birth, cerclage can be performed if the conditions are suitable, and it may have some benefit in some patients. However, the decision rests with your doctor.

I wish you all healthy days.