There are three main tests that investigate chromosomal abnormalities in the baby in pregnancy follow-up: double test, triple test and quadruple test.

Of these, the double test done in 11-14. weeks; triple test and quadruple tests are done in 16-20. weeks.

Of these tests, the double test gives the most valuable information about Down syndrome.

If you have had this test, there is no need to take the triple and quadruple test.

Only at 20 weeks should you have a detailed ultrasound examination to see possible organabnormalities in the baby. You can have this examination at any clinic that specializes in perinatology.

If we do not have the opportunity to have a detailed ultrasound, then the triple test can be performed after the double test and the AFP levels, which show the brain and spinal cord injuries in the baby, which the double test does not provide information about, can be evaluated.

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