Pregnancy is a condition that creates insulin resistance. If you already have an insulin resistance, this may become more evident during pregnancy and the picture we call gestational diabetes or gestational diabetes may occur.

We recommend that all pregnant women be routinely screened for gestational diabetes between 24-28. gestational weeks.

If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes in your previous pregnancy, when you become pregnant again, diabetes screening is done during the first trimeter examination, without waiting for the 24th week.

Screening is done with a 50-gram test or a 75-gram test. Preferably, it would be reasonable to go to the polyclinic on an empty stomach and have the glucose tolerance test done. However, if the 50 gram test is to be done, there is no requirement to be hungry.

50 grams of glucose powder is mixed in 150 cc of water and given to you to drink, and after 1 hour your blood sugar is measured. If it is higher than 140 mg/dl, this is abnormal. It may be gestational diabetes, to confirm the diagnosis three days later, 100 grams of glucose is loaded.

Apart from this two-step approach, your scan can be completed by directly loading 75 grams of glucose at once. If you are going to have a 75 gram test for one time, you should apply to the polyclinic in the morning after a fasting for at least 8 hours. Your fasting blood sugar is measured, after drinking 75 grams of sugar, your blood sugars are measured at 1 hour and 2 hours, respectively. If there are measurements above the limit values, the diagnosis of gestational diabetes is made.

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