It is a question on the minds of many women, whether they are pregnant or not. However, it is a wrong comparison to put normal birth and cesarean section in the same category.

If there is no obstacle, problem or urgency, delivery should be vaginally.

Cesarean section is an operation and it makes sense only if it is done for certain reasons. What are these justifications?

  • Small pelvic bone structure of the mother,
  • The baby’s body size is 4.5 kilograms and above,
  • Detection that the baby is deprived of oxygen in the birth canal,
  • The mother has had previous uterine surgery or cesarean section,
  • The baby has a breech or transverse presentation rather than the head,
  • The mother has diseases that may be aggravated by normal birth, such as herniated disc or heart disease,
  • PLacenta previa,
  • Heavy bleeding in the mother during labor,
  • Failure of normal labor to progress,
  • Maternal genital warts or genital herpes infection.

In the absence of these indications, it is not right to want to have a cesarean section and to reject the chance of normal birth. Some of the expectant mothers want to have a cesarean section in order not to suffer from labor pains. However, thanks to the epidural anesthesia  method, it is possible to reduce the normal labor pains so that they cannot be felt.

In addition, a mother who gives birth normally can take her baby in her arms and walk around in the ward after 2 hours, while recovery after cesarean section spreads over days.

To repeat, cesarean section is an operation performed in situations where the mother and baby are in danger. It doesn’t make sense to have a cesarean section just out of fear without any medical justification. In addition, a woman who has had a cesarean section once will most likely have a cesarean section in all her future pregnancies, and repeated cesarean sections will adversely affect the mother’s health in the long term.