Gestational diabetes is a common problem during pregnancy. Many women are already prone to diabetes  due to the familial factors, eating habits, lack of exercise etc. In pregnancy, this tendency can be overt, therefore  Gestational diabetes screening between 24-28. gestational weeks is recommended for all women.

Some risks for mother and baby increase in women diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

What are these?:

  • The baby may become very large (macrosomia)
  • Therefore, cesarean delivery rates increase
  • Mother’s blood pressure may rise during pregnancy
  • The risk of sudden death of the baby in the womb increases.

In order to avoid these risks, the follow-up of pregnant women with gestational diabetes should also be special. First, blood sugar is followed by diet regulation. Fasting and postprandial blood sugar values ​​are monitored. Fasting values ​​should be less than 90 mg/dl; postprandial 1. hour values ​ ​below 120 mg/dl are ideal.

If these values ​​cannot be met, insulin therapy is started.

After the 35th week of pregnancy, pregnancy is followed by close NST and ultrasound follow-up, as there is a risk of sudden loss of the baby in the womb. When your doctor deems it necessary, delivery may be planned at the early weeks. Please click here for more detailed information.