In order to achieve a healthy pregnancy, the sperm must be sufficient in number, mobile and have a normal structure in type.

Number less than 15 million/ml; forward mobility 40% or less; If the normal type sperm rate is below 4%, it becomes difficult to achieve pregnancy.

In addition to these, a new parameter that negatively affects the fertilization ability of sperm has entered our use today. I’m talking about what we call oxidative stress and the DNA damage that results from it. Even if these sperm are sufficient in number, the chance of fertilization of the egg decreases due to damaged DNA and damaged cell content. In addition, even if the egg is fertilized, the chance of attachment to the uterine wall (implantation) is negatively affected.

So what are the causes that lead to increased oxidative stress and DNA damage in sperm?

Smoking and alcohol use

inactivity or excessive exercise,

exposure to drugs and heavy metals,

infections lead to the accumulation of oxidative residues in the sperm, negatively affecting their ability to fertilize.

Nowadays, oxidative stress and DNA damage assessment has gained importance in addition to the number, movement and type assessment among sperm parameters.

When we detect increased oxidative stress in the sperm, we recommend antioxidant vitamin support and lifestyle changes to our patient. In addition, in the case of increased oxidative stress in the spermiogram, if necessary, we can use the testicular sperm extraction method (TESA) instead of the sperm given by masturbation in the treatment.

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