The traditional intrauterine devices you see in the picture are T-shaped and the most common side effects are increased duration and amount of menstrual bleeding in women who use them.

This causes the woman with a spiral to bleed for almost half of a month, causes anemia and reduces the comfort of life.

Another problem is that the classical spiral can slip out of place and cause runaway pregnancies. Four out of a thousand users have a runaway pregnancy despite the spiral. The most common cause is slippage of the spiral.

Gynefix, which was produced as a solution to these handicaps, is a new spiral that hangs on the dome of the uterus and has a flat rod shape.

As you can see in the picture above, the space that Gynefix takes up in the uterus is much less than the classic spiral. This means that Gynefix does not cause the prolonged menstrual bleeding seen with the conventional spiral. In addition, since we hang it on the dome of the uterus, there is much less risk of it slipping out of place. Thus, the risk of a runaway pregnancy is much lower than with a conventional spiral.

Its application is similar to the classical spiral, but it must be performed by trained gynecologists. It is not available in health centers. It is a product we imported from abroad. We are already applying it.

The protection period is 5 years. It is necessary not to have sexual intercourse for 1 week after insertion. After a week, sexual intercourse is allowed. If you have Gynefix, you need to come for a follow-up visit after 1 week to check whether your spiral is in the right place with ultrasound.

You can make an appointment with our clinic to get more detailed information about Gynefix and to have it applied.

I wish you a healthy day.

Prof. Dr. Yavuz Şimşek